• Clips of the Week

    By Jere Hester | Last updated on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at 10:15 am


    It’s been great to see some new bylines in recent days. Here are some of our latest links:

    •Shamanth Rao’s story about the comeback of the West Side Tennis Club made The Queens Chronicle.

    •Sophia Rosenbaum’s report about a tug-of-war over an iconic 9/11 memorial was published by The Villager.

    •Nathan Place reported on a spike in robberies for the Mott Haven Herald.

    •Minty Grover’s article chronicling how geese killed during a culling near Kennedy Airport became soup kitchen meals found a home in Capital.

    •Christine Streich covered a screening of “Won’t Back Down” for GothamSchools.

    •Lisa Mahapatra worked on Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live list and contributed this entry about  Woodbury, MN.

    •Our News Service is bustling: Sarah Pizon and Melissa Noel  looked at the rise of school uniforms. Briggette Sayegh and Sarah Kazadi covered a wheelchair softball tournament at Citi Field. Kizzy Cox and Amital Isaac examined the changing face of San Gennaro.

    •The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others, Willis Arnold, Shannon Carlin, Orie Givens, Mathilde Hamel, Jenny Marc, Kyle McGovern, Matthew Perlman, Nabil Rahman, Erica Robinson and  Mitch Trinka.

    Meanwhile, our Alumni Corner is crowded:

    •Rima Abdelkader worked on a Rock Center series about the increasingly partisan state of cable and radio talk shows.

    •Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke’s profile of a handyman with a van was featured on Narratively.

    •Cheryl Chan and Channon Hodge’s capstone about aging in New York ran as series on Voices of NY.

    •Rebecca Lee Douglas, in a piece for BBC Radio, interviewed a Jewish German woman who made the 1936 German Olympic team but was banned from competing at the Berlin Games.

    •Dimitry Kiper interviewed author Junot Diaz for NBC Local Integrated Media.

    •Jordan Shakeshaft interviewed  U.S. soccer star Alex Morgan for the Greatist.com.

    •Nadia Sussman’s video about a group of undocumented immigrants who rode the “Undocubus” to the Democratic National Convention in a mobile protest of immigration policy was featured on The New York Times’s site.

    •Zach Kussin’s story for The Real Deal about a funeral home eviction has a morbid twist.

    Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!



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