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New York

A student project shines a light on how New Yorkers are innovating, adapting, and rebuilding their city. This street scene was shot by Benjamin Chambers '20.

Check out The Next New York on the NYCity News Service.
Photo: Benjamin Chambers '20

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award-winning journalism

Newmark J-School graduates have won Pulitzer Prizes and Polk and Peabody awards and more, building on the skills they honed as student reporters, visual journalists, and interactive producers. Our best student work gets published on the school’s nationally recognized NYCity News Service and by a wide range of professional media organizations. Amid the coronavirus emergency, students and faculty are employing an ever-growing range of digital techniques to report safely and accurately. The work of our more than 1,000 alumni appears in local, national, and international news outlets.

(Photo: Hiram Alejandro Duran ’19)