Business Week Online Column Cites Election Website of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

  • By Newmark J-School Staff

The CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s Election 2006 website has won recognition from BusinessWeek Online for the distinctive voices of its student reporters.

BusinessWeek Senior Editor Stephen Baker highlighted the Election 2006 website in the magazine’s Blogspotting column for showcasing the “distinctive voices” of the students who reported and wrote all of the stories.

“This is something that is traditionally drilled out of young journalists, and not given back to them for a decade or two,” he wrote in a November 8 entry.

All students in the journalism school contributed to either the Election 2006 website or two election broadcasts aired on WHCR Radio in Harlem – one in English and one in Spanish. Stories ranged from neighborhood issues to major races. Coverage spanned three states – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Baker, who has covered technology for the past eight years for BusinessWeek, singled out the stories of two students, in particular, for their distinctive voices – that of Joseph Orovic and Joy Bergmann.

Before enrolling in the journalism school, Orovic, 21, served as sports editor for Baruch College’s newspaper, “The Ticker,” and graduated from Baruch in May 2006. Bergmann, 37, was creative director and television producer for MediaVest in New York and was a freelancer; she is a graduate of the University of Iowa.

The Graduate School of Journalism opened in September 2006 with 57 students. The School’s 2006 election coverage was undertaken as part of two courses – Craft I (basic writing and reporting) and Broadcast News Writing and Production.

The Election 2006 website, including all stories and audio feeds produced by students, can be accessed at :