Moon Landing Anniversary, Paul McCartney and Burgers Across the Nation

  • By CUNY J-School Staff

Here are some hot stories for a late July day:

  • The new edition of Mott Haven Herald is on the streets – and on-line. The issue features contributions from Sarah Trefethen (on the proposed South Bronx Greenway), Lindsay Lazarski (on a rat problem at a senior citizens complex), Jeanmarie Evelly (on a public art project involving trees – and stories), and Maria Clark (on the closing of a senior citizens service center).
  • Joe Hirsch (’07), the paper’s community editor, wrote about a march to denounce gun violence (Maria contributed an audio slideshow). Incoming student Azriel James Relph (’10) wrote about artists’ fears of being forced out by rising rents.
  • Geneva Sands-Sadowitz worked on this Nightline Twittercast web show about the swine flu.
  • Valerie Lapinski interviewed Buzz Aldrin for this video pegged to the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.
  • Speaking of space travel, Joel Schectman wrote this article for BusinessWeek about NASA considering hiring private contractors to take on some key duties.
  • Jenni Avins wrote a piece for Saveur about hamburgers that are worth a trip.
  • Alana Rigal put together the slideshow for this WNYC post about Albany’s so-called Four Amigos.
  • Nicholas Martinez worked on this NBC News story about Paul McCartney.
  • Karina Ioffee wrote an article for the AP about the Russian government telling postal officials that cops are allowed to open private mail.
  • Kate Nocera shared a piece of Page 1 and the byline with this Daily News story about a cop wounded in the line of duty.
  • Xiomara Martinez-White wrote about the viral “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” video for
  • Jessica Simeone, covering the Astor trial for the New York Post, wrote about disputes over money and marbles.
  • Emily Feldman penned a piece about oddball jail mates Phil Spector and Charles Manson for NBC Local Integrated Media. Meanwhile, Mark Morales wrote about a report that Walter Cronkrite was floated as a possible running mate for George McGovern in 1972.
  • Damiano Beltrami, who is working in Jordan, filed a long distance post for The Local, following up on a story he broke before the summer. Jim Flood wrote about the opening of a much-needed bank. Mike Reicher, along with Sandra Roa and others, led a three-day journalism training session for high schoolers in Ft. Greene, as Kristen Joy Watts wrapped up her photography training for middle schoolers. Meanwhile, a montage of some of the pictures and video captured by the high schoolers Lois DeSocio worked with in New Jersey can be found here.

In our alumni corner, Kate Pastor wrote an article for The Riverdale Press about the family that started the now-embattled Stella D’oro cookie company.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming.