Studs Terkel's FBI File, Obama Oil and the Bernie Madoff Auction

  • By CUNY J-School Staff

Here are some stories guaranteed to make good weekend reading and viewing:

  • Valerie Lapinski’s exclusive about the contents of Studs Terkel’s FBI file, posted on the News Service, went viral – The Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post and scores of other news sites and blogs picked up the story.
  • Jordan Shakeshaft’s feature about Atlantic Avenue’s fragrance markets – where the offerings include “Obama Oil” – made am New York.
  • Rochana Rapkins’ article about a young veteran living on Roosevelt Island was featured in The Main Street Wire. Click here for a pdf of the issue – Rochana’s story starts on Page 1.
  • Sherry Mazzocchi covered a Flight 587 anniversary memorial for The Queens Courier. David Montalvo wrote about a Catholic veterans group seeking new members. Andrew Petrie wrote about the possible closure of the Aqueduct Racetrack flea market, and Perry Santanachote found merchants who are commissioning graffiti artists to paint murals.
  • Emily Feldman wrote a story for NBC Local Integrated Media about the proposed five-minute grace period at parking meters.
  • Kerri MacDonald wrote a piece for The Local about a computer glitch that kept Maplewood residents from getting emails containing H1N1 vaccination information. Nicholas Martinez, meanwhile, put together a story and audio slideshow about a push to place Muni Meters on Brooklyn’s Myrtle Avenue. Joe Walker wrote about the search for a new operator for a parking lot near BAM.
  • Speaking of The Times, Mike Reicher’s story about a move to stop homeowners from turning front yards into driveways was featured on the City Room blog.
  • Sergey Kadinsky’s story about the controversy over a fundraiser to be held at Citi Field made the Daily News. Kate Nocera shared a byline on the paper’s Bernie Madoff auction story.
  • If you missed The Aerial View webcast – with Mark Morales, Rachel Senatore, and Jessica Simeone – or the Audiophiles webcast – with Kaili Boyd, Maureen Sullivan and Nicole Turso – you can check both out here.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!