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Urban Coyotes, Snow Woe and The Fashionista’s Dilemma

  • By CUNY J-School Staff

The semester’s just beginning, but the clips never end. Here are some of the latest:

•Yudith Ho’s piece about how to get along with city-dwelling coyotes made The Riverdale Press.

•Kahliah Laney’s story about a program that helps small businesses in the Bronx found a home in the Mott Haven Herald.

•Patrick Wall’s article about a deadline effort to help Haitian immigrants sign up for a program that would allow them to temporarily work in the U.S. was published by the Brooklyn Eagle.

•Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke’s story about merchants impacted by Second Avenue Subway construction was featured in Our Town. Meanwhile, Laura Shin wrote the obituary of John Wade, Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s former chief of staff.

•The latest from The Local includes contributions by, among others: Lea Baron, Jose Bayona, Cheryl Chan, Tamy Cozier, Zachary Kussin, An Phung, Eliza Ronalds-Hannon, Teresa Tomassoni and Mitch Trinka.

•Al Barbarino shared a byline with J-School alum Barry Paddock on this Daily News story about a young husband’s fatal plunge. Meanwhile, newly minted alum Shane Dixon Kavanaugh shared a byline on this story about the city’s latest snow woe.

Speaking of our alumni, here are a few samplings from our Alumni Corner:

•Check out the February issue of Marie Claire – Jenni Avins published a piece headlined, “The Fashionista’s Dilemma.” You’ll find a related blog post here.

•Megan McGibney wrote an article for Bed-Stuy Patch about how some community activists spent MLK Day renovating a church hall.

•Tuan C. Nguyen, now a contributing editor at SmartPlanet.com, recently reported on plans to develop an underwater nuclear reactor in France.

•Almudena Toral’s story about the rejection of the Dream Act made Women’s eNews.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!


Jere Hester