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Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff


Thankfully, we’ll have an extra hour this weekend to check out the latest collection of fine work from our reporters, past and present:

•Jackie Snow’s story about The Other 99, an online media outlet that sprouted from Occupy Wall Street, made Meanwhile, Matt Draper wrote a piece for the about a mobile-payment service company’s new venture.

•Natalia Osipova’s story about a Brooklyn instrument shop that’s beating the odds in a tough economy made the Daily News. Joe Stepansky reported on the fate of the Paul Robeson Theater.

•Amora McDaniels’ story about an art exhibition featuring work by city public school students found a home on the new Queens West Villager site.

•Our Town Downtown published Madhura Karnik’s story about the future of the old St. Vincent’s Hospital complex.

•Melissa Bykofsky’s story about mixed reactions to the city’s plan to let livery cabs pick up street hails made Bayside Patch.

•Al Barbarino, Amy Kraft and Dan Rosenblum teamed on a video about the dangers of runners drinking too much water. Their piece was featured on DNAinfo.

•The latest from the Mott Haven Herald includes Patricia Rey Mallén’s feature on a pair of video stores that stock Nigerian films. Gwen McClure reported on opposition to a proposed housing development for the mentally ill. Melissa Noel profiled a multi-faceted dancer. Sarah Pizon wrote about how many Mexican immigrants go to great efforts to ship the bodies of deceased loved ones home. Kamana Shrestha chronicled the end of a housing program.

•Julian Dunn’s story about a convention of inventors made the Queens Times Ledger.

•Carmel Delshad’s story about suspicion of NGOs in post-uprising Egypt found a home in World Policy Journal’s blog.

•In case you missed the latest AudioFiles podcast, check it out on our News Service. The OWS-themed show was put together by Michelle Bangert, Ian Chant, Rebecca Douglas, Rachel Dzanashvili, Lisa Hagen, Frans Koster and Rasmus Raun Westh.

•Speaking of the News Service: Jose Bayona obtained Geraldine Ferraro’s FBI file, a story that got nice pick-up from various politics blogs. Alissa Ambrose’s wrote about support in New York for a jailed Russian businessman. Alcione Gonzalez and Elis Estrada-Simpson teamed on a video about a food pantry staffed by clients. Annais Morales and Brendaliss Gonzalez uncovered the hype surrounding Uniqlo. Christina Diaz and Judy Le covered a fundraiser that pairs sighted and visually impaired riders on tandem bicycles.

•Nathan Frandino’s story about dwindling support for the Cuban trade embargo among Cuban émigrés found a home in Voices of New York.

•Ashley Welch’s story about a school for autistic children made New York Family.

•The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others, Roxanna Asgarian, Martin Burch, Liza Eckert, Celia Gorman, Michelle Gross, Menglin Huang, Martin Leung, Lisa Mahapatra, Tierney McAfee, Peter Moskowitz, Rebecca Sesny, Mitch Trinka and Brenna Walton.

•In case you haven’t see the newly redesigned I Snap NY site, take a minute to check it out. Submissions are encouraged!


In our Alumni Corner:

•Rima Abdelkader worked on two pieces for the premiere of “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” NBC’s new TV news magazine.

•Lakshmi Gandhi interviewed Kal Penn for the Sepia Mutiny blog.

•Damian Ghigliotty wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal’s site about how some Occupy Wall Street participants are gaining marketable skills and exposure.

•Speaking of The Journal, Erin McCarthy shared the byline on this story about fluctuating interest rates in Turkey.

•Mirva Lempiainen is blogging about her world travels for an outfit called Quality Hunters.

•Nick Loomis reported from Senegal on this New York Times video about the fight against female genital cutting in West Africa.

• Musikilu Mojeed won the Editor’s Courage Award for a series of stories that documented efforts by Nigerian government officials to enrich themselves at the expense of the country’s oil industry.

•Azriel Relph worked on this MSNBC video and print piece about a program that brings healthcare and other services to impoverished schoolkids.


Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!