Clips of the Week

  • By CUNY J-School Staff
Check out our latest links – including Meredith Rosenberg's Village Voice video about roller derby star Andromeda Macri (aka Hela Skelter).
Check out our latest links – including Meredith Rosenberg’s Village Voice video about roller derby star Andromeda Macri (aka Hela Skelter).

As we gear up for the new semester, check out the some of the final clips from a very productive summer:

•Erin Brodwin’s story about the hooking-up habits of college students made Scientific American.

•Sara Sugar, working for Brooklyn Bureau, reported on how Sandy has emerged as a major issue in a local City Council race.

•Jess Scanlon wrote about sports drink alternatives for The Active Times.

•Andrew Welsch, working for The Montreal Gazette, reported on the trend of job seekers leaving Quebec in search of employment opportunities.

•Gabrielle Sierra reported a new life for a popular West Village restaurant in this piece for Gothamist.

•Meredith Rosenberg profiled Andromeda Macri (aka Hela Skelter), captain of the Brooklyn Bombshells roller derby team, for The Village Voice.

•Casey Cipriani interviewed Keri Russell for IndieWire.

•Shannon Ayala’s story about a grassroots crackdown on illegal dumping in the Bronx made the Daily News.

•The latest on The Nabe includes contributions by, among others, Emily Field, Antonia Massa,  Philippe Theise and Amanda Woods.

•Recent J-School contributions to the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange include Chris Dell’s piece about a fatherhood-themed film festival and alumna Mary Shell’s story chronicling reactions to the recent stop-and-frisk ruling.

Speaking of our alumni, here are some nuggets from our Alumni Corner:

•Damiano Beltrami filed a video for Global Post about educated young Italians becoming farmers amid a tough job market.

•Cesar Bustamante wrote about longshot mayoral hopeful Sal Albanese for Voices of NY.

•Carmel Delshad’s account about how her life as a middle school student changed after 9/11 earned a spot in the International Museum of Women’s online exhibition, “Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices.”

•Lakshmi Gandhi wrote about the origins of the phrase “snake oil salesman” for NPR’s Code Switch blog.

• Lisa Mahapatra’s capstone – an interactive graphic-driven package about the reach of Big Data – made International Business Times, where she works as infographics and interactives editor.

•Gwen McClure’s article about the return of police brutality to South Africa found a home in Foreign Affairs.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!