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Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check out out latest links – including Rachel Levy’s Daily News story about a marathoner’s final race. The article went viral.
Check out our latest links – including Rachael Levy’s Daily News story about a marathoner’s final race. The article went viral.

We’ve had a great run in recent days with the NYCity News Service’s EPPY Award for Best College/University Journalism Website in the nation, and with the debut of our News Service election project. Here are some more stories worth a look:

•Rachael Levy’s piece about a marathoner’s final race made the Daily News, and was the website’s most read and most shared story for two days. NBC interviewed Rachael about her story.

•Max Willens scored an exclusive for DNAInfo with his discovery that state officials put out an incorrect list of where people could go for help in signing up for health care. His story got picked up by The Times (with credit), the Post (without credit) and a bunch of other places. More importantly, his story got action.

•Parker Brown’s essay on Russell Brand found a home in The Atlantic.

•Irina Ivanova’s package on ferrying food to the city made the homepage of Crain’s New York Business.

•Jacob Passy’s article about the slumping real estate market in Gerritsen Beach, a year after Sandy, graced Sheepshead Bites.

•Kathleen Caulderwood’s NYCity News Service video about a teenager who used Facebook to help victims of Sandy made AOL.  

•Speaking of our News Service: Valentina Cordero, Bruna Fernandez, Natalie Fertig, Mariana Marcaletti, Audrey McGlinchy and Nesh Pillay contributed to our day-of marathon coverage. Aine Pennello reported on a pre-marathon event aimed at children. Brianne Barry and Jonathan Moffie teamed on a story about marathon security. Sierra Leone Starks and Alex Wolf put together a piece on a program that allows diabetic children trade Halloween candy for toys.

•If you missed AudioFiles’ recent take on long shots, here’s your chance to check out the podcast. Contributors include: Tiffany Camhi, Ronald Chavez, MaryEileen Croke, Kathleen Culliton, Alex Eidman, Topher Forhecz and Elly Yu.

•Elijah Stewart’s story about real estate tax complaints made The Queens Courier. Thad Komorowski offered an update on the battle over Willets Point.

•Meredith Rosenberg’s video profile of a choreographer who combines dance and light found a home on The Village Voice’s website.

•Alessandra Malito wrote about a veteran who found salvation in music for the Queens Chronicle.

•Oliver Morrison spent Election Day at a polling site for Bronx Bureau. Kayle Schnell reported on disabled voters’ issues with navigating the electronic ballot system.

•Speaking of the Bronx… Sarah Barrett wrote about a push against gun violence for the Mott Haven Herald. Frank Green reported on a dangerous intersection. Pamela Granda and Jenna O’Donnell shared police blotter duties, while Chelsea Hirsch and Gabriella Iannetta also teamed on the cop beat. Steve Trader reported on Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito’s ambition to become the City Council’s next speaker.

•Sophia Rosenbaum’s story about Bill de Blasio’s housing plan found a home with Gotham Gazette.

•Jeanette Moses interviewed Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier for Spin.

•Rachel Bryson-Brockmann’s report on a mock election exercise for non-naturalized immigrants was featured by Voices of NY. Caroline Lewis covered a demonstration by Dream Act supporters. Antonia Massa wrote about the Chinese translations of candidates’ names.

•Eric Jankiewicz’s story about a prison guard with a knack for cracking gang codes made Nautilus.

•Craig Giammona wrote about Bill de Blasio’s potential impact on the juvenile justice system for Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

•The latest on The Nabe includes contribution by, among others, Rebecca Bratek, Cherice Chen, Juliette Dekeyser, Daniel Lewis, Kyle Ligman, Alessandra Malito, Audrey McGlinchy, Reem Nasr and Amanda Woods.


Some entries from our Alumni Corner:

•Martin Burch put together this fracking interactive graphic for The Wall Street Journal.

•Tom DiChristopher’s story about a new approach to developing open-source hardware products made CNBC’s homepage.

•Lakshmi Gandhi wrote about the history of the word “hoodlum” for NPR’s Code Switch blog.

•Graham Kates’ exclusive for The Crime Report about thousands of FBI files destroyed by Sandy got cross-posted in Salon.

•Gwen McClure’s story about a relief organization that stepped up during Sandy and is still helping folks recover from the storm made Al Jazeera.

•Jackie Snow put together a National Geographic package on the return of transporting food on the Hudson, via sailboat.

•Chester Soria’s series on false confessions made Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!