Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check out our latest links – including Rosie Goldensohn’s DNAInfo story about how sprinklers deterred homeless people from sleeping outside the Strand Book Store.
Check out our latest links – including Rosie Goldensohn’s DNAInfo story about how sprinklers deterred homeless people from sleeping outside the Strand Book Store.

As Thanksgiving approaches, check out this bounty of links:

•Rosie Goldensohn’s DNAInfo story about the Strand Book Store’s sprinkler system – which deterred homeless from sleeping outside the shop –  got big pickup, including a crosspost by The Huffington Post.

•Briana Duggan covered a massive meeting of rabbis for the Brooklyn Spectator.

•Jacob Passy, amid the revelation of Malia Obama’s food allergies, shared his food allergy experiences in a post for The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy page.

•Roxanne Scott, on assignment for The Hunts Point Express, wrote about a mural inspired by Norman Rockwell’s famous painting of Ruby Bridges.

•Caroline Lewis’ story about a push to reform solitary confinement at Rikers Island found a home in Gotham Gazette.

•Sehar Mughal and Alex Wolf’s investigation into a dubious U.S. charity set up in the name of former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf  made The News International, a Pakistan-based outlet.

•Gabrielle Alfiero profiled taxidermist Beth Beverly of “Immortalized” for Vice.

•Sophia Rosenbaum, working for, wrote about a documentary on the “narco” music movement, which glorifies Mexican drug cartel violence.

•The latest from our News Service includes Brianne Barry and Sierra Leone Starks’ piece about calls for an online database to track Sandy relief funds in the city. Alex Wolf and Aine Pennello reported on a new system to track hospital patients during emergencies. Jonathan Moffie and Orie Givens teamed on a story about Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

•Susan Armitage, Kathleen Culliton, Catherine Featherston, Amanda Dingyuan Hou, Bobbi Misick, Aine Pennello, Skyler Reid and Brock Stoneham used Cowbird to produce audio postcards from a vigil for victims of the typhoon.

•Sibling sites Sheepshead Bites and Bensonhust Bean used the stop-and-frisk package put together by Allegra Abramo, Natalie Abruzzo, Jaclyn Anglis, Kaara Baptiste,  Anugya Chitransh, Rosie Goldensohn, Stefani Kim,  Scott Klocksin, Jennifer Lehman, Daniel Lewis, Pearl Macek, Matthew McVey, ChauThiNgoc Ngo, Jacob Passy and Ashley Rodriguez.

•Melanie Bencosme’s story about wage theft found a home on Voices of NY. Juliette Dekeyser wrote about Hawaiians in New York. Gwynne Hogan profiled a flower vendor.

•Tiffany Camhi’s piece about Son Lux’ new album made 219 Magazine.

•Alessandra Malito’s Queens Chronicle story about a veteran who healed through music got a shoutout on NY1’s “In the Papers” segment. The article is paired with her related audio slideshow on the News Service.

•Patrick Gillespie, working for the Mott Haven Herald, wrote about a business slump for Yankee Stadium-area merchants. Frank Green reported on plans to speed up bus service. Qingqing Chen and Emilie Pons teamed on a piece about low voter turnout. Ross Keith covered the police beat.

•Nesh Pillay reported on a bike lane debate for the West Side Spirit.

•If you missed the AudioFiles podcast about home, sweet home, check it out here. Contributors include: Ann Marie Awad, MaryEileen Croke, Kathleen Culliton, Alex Eidman, Brock Stoneham and Elly Yu.

•The latest on The Nabe includes contributions by, among others: Rebecca Bratek, Ben Brody,  Cherice Chen, Mark Fahey, Daniel Lewis, Kyle Ligman, Audrey McGlinchy, Chinwe Oniah, Melisa Stumpf and Amanda Woods.

Some contributions from our Alumni Corner:

•Roxanna Asgarian wrote about the Red Hook Justice Center for Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

•Damiano Beltrami’s video about a baseball league for the visually impaired made Global Post. The piece also got picked up by

•Colin Orcutt oversaw this Sports Illustrated video about a high school football team’s battle against adversity.

•Kate Pastor, on assignment for the Norwood News, broke a story about a Bronx councilman’s alleged attempts to steer money related to the planned Kingsbridge National Ice Center to an organization he controls. The New York Times cited the article in a follow-up piece to which Kate contributed reporting.

Congrats to all – and keep ’em coming!