219West Show Produced by ’15 Students Captures Third-Place Emmy

  • By Newmark J-School Staff

Marguerite Ward and Anthony Kane in L.A.
Marguerite Ward and Anthony Kane in L.A.

A team of graduates from the Class of 2015 received a 3rd place Emmy in the Magazine category of the 2016 College Television Awards for their work on the CUNY J-School student show 219West.

The students who produced the winning episode (above) were Lucina Melesio, Anthony Kane, Alden Nuser, Reed Dunlea, Tionah Lee, Naeisha Rose, Marguerite Ward, Zach Wasser, Maggie Freleng, and Erica Davies.

The 219West show was the product of the third-semester Television News Magazine Production course taught last fall by Associate Professor Travis Fox and adjuncts Simon Surowicz and Jenny Hamblett, who graduated from the CUNY J-School in 2011.