Elizabeth Douglass’ WashPo Story Examines Public Water Systems

  • By CUNY J-School Staff
John Nelson/www.johnnelsonphoto.com/Washington Post

McGraw Fellow Elizabeth Douglass’ story on the tough choices cash-strapped towns face when selling their water systems to for-profit companies to fund needed repairs ran in The Washington Post on July 8th.  

Douglass used her grant money to examine the nation’s deteriorating water infrastructure and water quality protections, with an emphasis on issues beyond those highlighted by the Flint, Mich. water disaster.

A previous finalist for the Gerald Loeb Award, her stories have led to appearances on The Rachel Maddow Show, Public Radio International, and Chicago public radio, as well as in a PBS documentary about turmoil in the defense industry.

Douglass is a former staff writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and InsideClimate News.