McGraw Fellow Vauhini Vara Lands Bloomberg Businessweek Cover Story

  • By Ellen Lai

2018 McGraw Fellow Vauhini Vara travelled to five continents over six months talking to workers struggling to find a place in the fast-changing global economy. Her story about the pressures of globalization and automation made the global cover of Bloomberg Businessweek in July.

“Decent jobs are flowing to big cities, with millions of workers leaving their ancestral towns in anxious pursuit, often slipping past national borders to do so,” Vara wrote. “The internet is exposing people not only to opportunities that were once out of reach, but also to the unsettling knowledge that other people have many more. And the stories confirm that to be working class is, by and large, an insecure state. Superiors view labor as replaceable. Speaking publicly about one’s job can invite reprisal from an employer—or a government.”

Vara is a freelance journalist based in Colorado. She’s a contributing writer for The New Yorker, and her articles have also appeared in Fortune, Wired, Fast Company, The Atlantic, and Harper’s, among other magazines.

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