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CCM ABI panel

Advertising Boost Initiative

In January 2020, CCM launched the Advertising Boost Initiative to help print and online outlets in New York City to become more effective in accessing their share of city agencies’ advertising budgets. CCM serves as an information bridge between the outlets, city agencies and advertising agencies.

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Latino Media Initiative

Born out of the Newmark J-School’s Spanish-language program, the Latino Media Initiative is a series of programs designed to provide resources to the Latino news industry. These resources include research , an annual conferenceand specially designed trainings and bootcamps for journalists, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs. It also includes a “Community of Practice”—an industry network that meets both in person and virtually to brainstorm solutions to common challenges—for Spanish-language publications.

Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs

In 2019, the Center for Community Media expanded from a local, New York-focused organization to a national network intent on developing and nurturing collaboration with partners in key locations across the country.

We started working with partners to support community media outlets in Chicago and Los Angeles, public broadcasters serving rural areas and tribal lands across the country, and local newsrooms based along the U.S.-Mexico border.

(Photos clockwise from top right by Nick Amoscato, Chicago Transit Authority, Eduards Ceravs, Alan Levine)

2019 Latino Media Summit-170

CCM Trainings

CCM offers dozens of free workshops and custom trainings designed by J+ for local journalists, as well as targeted fellowships, with a special focus on digital skills and business sustainability.

Learn how to:

  • cover the census, local and presidential elections, climate change in your area, and disinformation campaigns targeting communities of color;
  • uncover and analyze artificial intelligence systems used by companies and local government agencies and their disproportionate impact on immigrant communities;
  • transform your newsroom for the digital age;
  • create an audience-centric newsroom;
  • find a sustainable business model, and more.

CCM Research

The Center for Community Media will produce significant research about media sectors both owned by people of color and that cover communities of color and immigrant communities across the country. The goal of this research is to fill the data gap and make the findings  publicly available. Our research topics will center on critical issues such as sustainability and capacity building, as community news outlets face unprecedented financial uncertainty.

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