Advanced Video Reporting

Course Details

This course will advance students’ video reporting skills, both editorial and technical, for those interested in a career in video online and on TV. The course is specifically geared to those students interested in web, short doc and network-style broadcast journalism. Students interested in careers specifically in local TV or long form documentary should focus on other classes, the Intro to Local TV News course and Documentary Specialization respectively. Advanced Video will also serve those students who are interested on focusing on multiple media, such as video and print. If you’re interested in advancing your video production skills, this class is for you!

By the end of the semester, students will be proficient in:

  • Pitching, conceiving, and structuring a video story
  • Reporting accurately using a range of techniques including research and interviewing
  • Writing a script and working with a senior producer to edit it
  • Shooting video with the Canon c100, various lenses and other equipment
  • Advanced editing skills (color, sound, etc)
  • Lighting an interview or scene
  • Thinking critically about current videojournalism formats and trends
  • Using some new tools in video production
  • Using voice over and/or text on screen to tell a better video story
  • Reporting, shooting and editing a breaking news/quick turnaround video on a deadline.