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Intro to New Forms of Visual Journalism

Course Details

Virtual reality is revelatory in the way it changes reporting and journalism by putting the viewer in the subject’s shoes, potentially creating empathy and changing the point of view of both journalist and viewer. Students will work with community news organizations to produce a publishable 360 video or 360 photo story, a process that will develop the students ability to conceive stories that will work in VR from pitching through to publishing and distribution. In this new 5-week module, students will learn how to use simple 360 cameras for photo and video, 360 story planning and editing and how to publish and distribute 360 stories. We’ll examine successful emerging tech visual journalistic projects and get started with using photogrammetry to create a simple AR project, using 360 video in web VR, work in spatial 360 audio and dive deeper into editing and post production for 360 Video. We’ll also hear from guest speakers working in with new forms of visual journalism. Be a part of a visual language that has been seen in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Gannett, BBC, Fusion, CNN, ABC, Vice, Hearst, Al Jazeera and many more media companies.