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Online Investigations of the 2020 Election

Course Details

Students will gain real-world experience investigating online political influence ahead of the 2020 election by working with the Quartz investigations team, led by John Keefe. Students will work directly to:

  • investigate efforts to mislead citizens or undermine civic participation
  • analyze political advertising for trends and patterns in content and effect
  • collaborate with the Quartz audience to help spot efforts to mislead or divide them
  • augment classic investigative reporting techniques with audience engagement, machine learning, and crowdsourcing tools
  • brainstorm, strategize, and plan story directions and lines of inquiry
  • work directly on stories, research, visualizations, or web applications 

We will work as a team, with opportunities for individual focus in any of these areas. Together, all students will take part in contemporary tactics used by today’s leading news organizations. Student work Quartz publishes will be credited by name.