Solutions Journalism

Advanced Reporting

Course Details

Solutions Journalism examines how people and communities are working toward addressing chronic and acute social problems. It applies rigorous investigative reporting techniques to detail approaches that are working, ones that are hitting roadblocks and how successes can be replicated. Using this lens, as the Solutions Journalism Network notes, can create more constructive public discourse and debate. In this Advanced Reporting and Writing course, students will learn the principles of the practice, develop their community-listening skills and produce more sophisticated NYC-based enterprise coverage. You’ll learn new story forms and put to use multimedia and data skills learned in the first semester to enrich your stories. You’ll write in-depth stories and work as a team on a richly reported and visually vibrant news package on a topic chosen by the class.

The deep reporting required by Solutions Journalism is excellent preparation for third-semester investigative courses in all concentrations.

Requirement: Students in both the MA-Journalism and the MA-Engagement Journalism are required to publish at least one piece of work each semester in Craft 1 and Advanced Reporting courses (MAJ) and Reporting for Engagement J and Advanced Reporting for Engagement J (MA-EJ). Students can fulfill this requirement with work from any first or second-semester class.