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Investigative Radio

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New for Fall 2017!

In recent years, the investigative radio feature has taken center stage. Think Serial in 2014, and more recently, the Center for Investigative Reporting’s weekly show Reveal. This kind of radio journalism isn’t new–NPR and the BBC have long conducted in-depth reporting, particularly as special series for their signature daily news programs. However, in the last few years, we’ve seen more podcasts dedicated to this form. And, in our current political times, this genre of storytelling is likely to experience an even bigger push from outlets—both traditional radio and otherwise.

Inthis course, students will create deeply researched and fact-checked audio features. They will learn to file FOIA requests, grow their CAR skills and hone solid ethics working on sensitive material and with sensitive sources. Emphasis will be placed on a sophisticated understanding of narrative tension and arc as it pertains to well-told stories that reveal situations and facts that are new, under appreciated or hotly debated.

Students will also be asked to analyze seminal work from U.S. public radio and international outlets as they develop a critical ear for what makes investigative radio a compelling, educational and vital journalistic form.