Topics in Visual Journalism

Using GIFs, Memes & Animation for News

Course Details

Animations are fast becoming a powerful form of communication in journalism, especially in the mobile environment. Platforms such as SnapChat and Instagram increasingly feature animation that wed photos, illustrations, text and motion graphics into creative packages that can convey powerful ideas. Even more traditional news outlets such as the New York Times and The Guardian, are now using animations in mobile and online story packages. From the simple animated GIF to more complex photo illustrations that include text overlays, animations are exciting and innovative tool. As with any tool solid storytelling and high production values are essential.

This course is an introduction to photo-based animations for mobile audiences. It will be taught in five weekly, three-hour workshops. Students will learn the basic principles of design required to create visually compelling animations. Students will produce three weekly projects and a final project that may use for stories produced in other courses or as part of a capstone. Adobe Photoshop will be the primary tool but other tools will be introduced.