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  • Smart Photos with Smart Phones

    Date & Time:
    From 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on January 23, 2016

    CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

    Smart PhotosSmart phones have opened up new photographic possibilities for both professional journalists and citizen storytellers. Images produced with today’s smart phones now have sufficient quality to be published on all media platforms from digital to print. In fact, many news organizations now require reporters to take their own smart phone photos of breaking news events.

    This five-hour, Saturday morning course will help you enhance your work or hobby with better smart phone pictures.

    This will be a valuable and insightful experience whether you’re an amateur or a more advanced level of photographer.

    Bring your iPhone or similar Android device. We also advise you to bring your own laptop as well.

    Photojournalist Jennifer S. Altman has taught this popular class many times, to journalism students and others.

    This five-hour workshop costs $149 per student.

    Learn more about this workshop and register here.

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