Dody Tsiantar

  1. Senior Adjunct Faculty

Dody Tsiantar is a freelance reporter and editor who has reported for various news outlets including Al Jazeera America, Buzzfeed, CNBC, CNN/Money, Fortune, the Los Angeles Times, Quartz and Time.  Until June 2006, she was the senior business reporter at Time magazine, covering the advertising, beauty, retail and travel industries.

She began her career as a special correspondent at The Washington Post in 1983 and later worked as a business reporter and associate editor for Newsweek. She also served as the deputy chief of reporters at Money magazine, managing a staff of ten reporters and acting as the project director for special issues on spending and investing on the Internet, and as the editorial manager for In Style magazine’s special issues.

She holds a Master’s of International Affairs from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University.