Marcia Biggs

  1. Adjunct Faculty

Marcia Biggs is a freelance journalist who has reported from all over the world for ABC News, Fox News Channel, Al Jazeera English, and CNN. She is currently a Special Correspondent for PBS NewsHour, for whom she has recently won a Gracie Allen Award, a First Place National Headliner Award, and a New York Festivals World Medal.

Her expertise lies in the Arab world, with over a decade of experience in the Middle East, five years of which were spent living in Lebanon. For PBS, she covered the targeting of doctors in the Syrian civil war, the use of children in armed conflict, the looting of Syrian antiquities, as well as the plight of Syrian refugees in both the United States and the Arab World. For PBS in Iraq, she covered various stages of the battle for Mosul, documented the plight of Yazidi girls who have escaped ISIS captivity, and told the moving story of American military veterans volunteering on the front lines against ISIS. Most recently, she became one of the few television journalists to cover the crisis in Yemen, which she did in a four part series for PBS, “Inside Yemen.”

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she completed her Bachelors degree in History at Vanderbilt University and her Masters degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the American University of Beirut. She currently resides in New York City.