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Mayuri Mei Lin

  1. Educational Program Coordinator, J+
  2. Educational Program Coordinator, Executive Program

Mayuri is educational program coordinator at Newmark J-School, where she works on various professional development programs in the J+ team.

She is a digital journalist who is passionate about making news more inclusive, accessible and creative through innovation and product thinking. In 2020, Mayuri graduated from NYU’s Studio 20 master’s program where she specialized in audience growth. Her time there was spent collaborating with large newsrooms to conduct audience research and formulate strategies for audience growth.

Prior to that, she was a research assistant with the Membership Puzzle Project, helping produce the Membership Guide, as well as the team lead for the BBC’s East Asia Visual Journalism team based in Jakarta. While at the BBC, she led a team of designers and a developer in producing visual and data journalism stories for the six newsrooms in the region as well as newsroom products and processes for collaborative global projects. She also trained other journalists on innovative storytelling formats and the basics of data journalism. She has also worked as a journalist and editor in local newsrooms in Malaysia and Cambodia, specializing in court reporting as well as political and social justice issues.

Mayuri graduated from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism with a BA in broadcast journalism and holds an MA from New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism School.