Veralyn Williams

  1. Adjunct Faculty

Veralyn Williams (she/her) is a Peabody and Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist who started her career at 16 years old by going on a personal investigation into figuring out her legal status in this country. Her go-to instinct is always to ask hard questions about our world, and she brings her skills (and ears!) to her role as senior editor at LWC Studio.

Previously, Veralyn was the executive producer for WNYC’s United States of Anxiety, and she has helped launch, produce, report, and shape shows like Slate Represent, Family Ghosts, Radio Rookies and The Stakes.

She lives at the intersection of christian, Black, woman, African, immigrant, Bronx-girl, world traveler, and foodie (to name just a few ways she shows up in the world), and she has worked to become a leader in journalism, so she can make space for voices– as complicated and multifaceted as hers– to be heard.