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Creator Workshops 2022

Should I start my own thing? How do I do that? And, once I sort that out, how do I promote myself and my work? How do I grow?

These are just some of the questions coming up for entrepreneurial journalists that J+ is excited to address in a series of events and workshops in 2022. 

Driven by our creators in residence, Yvonne Leow and Hillary Frey, this multipart series will coalesce around topics including: 

  • Building your brand
  • Establishing trust with your community
  • Operating as a solopreneur
  • Distributing on different platforms
  • Overcoming setbacks and staying the course

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The first series, “Building your Brand,” will feature the following events.

Emma Gray and Clarie Fallon

Wednesday, January 19 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT

Building and becoming your own brand with Claire Fallon and Emma Gray

The former hosts and creators of Bachelor-obsessed podcast Here to Make Friends—and founders of the pop culture-obsessed newsletter and audio Substack, Rich Text, and podcast, Love to See It with Emma and Claire–will share about their journey to entrepreneurship (and rebranding!) after life in big media.

Judd Legum portrait

Monday, January 24 at noon ET/9am PT

Differentiating your brand from the pack with Judd Legum, creator of Popular Information

Judd Legum is the journalist behind Popular Information, a Substack newsletter covering politics and power. In the past three years, PI has grown to reach tens of thousands of subscribers, but how did it begin? Judd, who was previously the founder and editor in chief at ThinkProgress, shares his experiences on how he launched PI and distinguished his newsletter from the endless number of political voices that exist today.

Gabriel Snyder

Wednesday, February 2 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT

Making a media brand for media people with Gabriel Snyder

In 2021, journalist Gabriel Snyder launched the subscription newsletter Off the Record, which reports on the New York City media industry. Here, he’ll share his thinking behind the publication, his spin on the current state of media reporting, and his path to being a founder (including all the things he’d advise NOT to do.)

Andrea Hernandez

Tuesday, February 15 12 pm ET/9 am PT

Launching your brand into the universe with Andrea Hernández, creator of Snaxshot

Andrea Hernández, the creator of Snaxshot, runs a popular Substack newsletter and Discord community covering the latest trends in the food and beverage industry. Born and raised in Honduras, and educated at Northeastern, Andrea will share her insights as to how she cultivated a following of self-proclaimed “snaxbois” and “snaxpals.”

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Tuesday, March 1, 12 pm ET/9 am PT

Branching your brand beyond newsletters with Anne-Laure Le Cunff, creator of Ness Labs

Anne-Laure Le Cunff is an entrepreneur, a writer, and a neuroscience PhD candidate who started Ness Labs, a platform with more than 35,000 newsletter subscribers and 2,500 paid community members. Every week she shares neuroscience-based insights to help people be more productive and creative without sacrificing their mental health. Before that, she was a marketing lead at Google with a focus on branding projects in the mental and physical health sector.

We understand you are busy! If you sign up for the series but cannot make it to the live event, we will send you a link to the recording.

These events are open to the public and are supported by the Meta Journalism Project. 

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