News Product Design Sprint

The News Product Design Sprint is a tuition-free, online program that takes 12 newsrooms from Latin America from idea to prototype in 12 weeks. With funding from the Meta Journalism Project, participating newsrooms will learn the tested, step-by-step process of building news product prototypes that align with their sustainability strategies, guided by expert coaches along the way. 

Product thinking has been demonstrated to be a catalyst for digital transformation in newsrooms and a path to sustainability. It is not magic; it is a collection of approaches and techniques that improve teamwork, center the audience, rely on data, exploit the best in tech, and reveal new revenue streams.

The News Product Design Sprint is a practical, step-by-step, intensive training that follows the four phases of a product sprint, the accelerated process by which product developers create products – Ideation → Research → Prototype → Test. Participants will work on their own news product project during six classes, two bootcamps and multiple coaching sessions.

At the end of the program, participants will have applied key product design concepts and methodologies and delivered a final prototype. More importantly, they will understand how to build digital products in their organizations in a user-centered, data-informed, agile way.

Two experienced product coaches who are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese will work with the teams one-on-one and lead weekly class sessions to center the program and create a holistic process. Over the course of the program, coaches will help participants design their product prototypes.

The program will serve a cohort of 12 newsrooms from Spanish-speaking Latin America and Brazil between May and July 2022. 


Each application should be filled by one person (the team leader), who can be a publisher, editor, beginner product manager, or a digital coordinator who could gain the skills to become a product manager in the future.

Each application may list up to three people (all included) who can take the classes and will work on the project. Ideally, your team should include people from various parts of the newsroom such as one person from your product team (if you have one), a tech person, a digital content person, and/or someone from the business side or marketing side.

Program Curriculum

Roles, skills, processes

Culture of experimentation & innovation

User Centered Design Bootcamp

KPI, OKR & metrics

User Journeys & UX

Building and testing prototypes

Strategic Stakeholder Management 

Pitching a Product Prototype 


This is a line graph of the News Product Design Sprint's timeline. The program dates for the application phase runs from Feb. 15 to March 15, 2022. The sprint runs from May 3 until July 26, 2022. The final product pitch will happen on July 26.


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Luciana Cardoso's headshot

Luciana Cardoso

Product Manager for User Experience at Quartz

Luciana is a strategy leader with a background in product, marketing and technology. She has a broad range of hands-on experience, including reporting, web development, UX design, project management, product strategy and business planning. Previously, she was the Chief Product Owner at Estadão, a daily newspaper published in São Paulo, Brazil. Over the years, she introduced her teams to retrospectives, Agile sprint processes, design thinking, and usability testing, among other tools and techniques to foster better user experience, team communication and collaboration. She is also the Vice Chair of the News Product Alliance. She is based in São Paulo, Brazil. Portuguese and Spanish speaker.

Germán Frassa's headshot

Germán Frassa

Journalist & Digital Product Leader

Germán is a journalist and digital product leader, with a 25-year experience in the implementation of product and audience development teams within the media sector in Europe and Latam. He has held management positions at companies such as Terra, Telefónica, Vocento and Unidad Editorial. He was Chief Product Officer of the Spanish newspapers El Mundo, Marca and Expansión, where he led the introduction of product management roles and techniques, one of the first experiences of its kind in the Spanish-speaking media sector. He is currently a consultant and associate professor at several Spanish universities and business schools. He is based in Madrid, Spain. Spanish speaker.

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