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Sept 22 – Sept 28, 2007

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
  • Mathew Warren shared a byline on this New York Times story about a fatal hit-and-run on Houston Street.
  • Annie Shreffler wrote about the struggles of small contractors to get subcontracting work on large public projects – such as the Croton Water Treatment Plant in Van Cortlandt Park – in this piece for the Norwood News.
  • Claudia Cruz wrote about a health fair for cabbies (PDF), held at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, for the Manhattan Times.
  • Sebastian Bednarski did a segment for Brooklyn Independent Television’s Sports Talk show on a martial arts master who teaches troops at Fort Hamilton. The teacher? Our own Officer George Cermak. Cathy Jedruczek assisted with the interview of George in Bryant Park. The segment is about 12 minutes into the show.
  • Amy Goldstein covered the opening of a new playground next to a Long Island City elementary school. Amy went beyond the ribbon-cutting hoopla, and gave the piece some depth with relevant statistics and other context. Her efforts, aided by Emily Keller, were featured in this week’s Queens Courier.
  • A two-part investigative series Danny Massey assisted with led Sunday’s Newsday.
  • Heather Appel scored a solo byline in the Daily News with her story about Iranians in New York weighing in on the Ahmadinejad visit.
  • Matt Sollars also contributed to the Ahmadinejad coverage and to this piece on a major crib recall.
  • Andy Greiner gathered reaction for this Daily News story about a City Council bid to penalize owners of messenger services and restaurants whose employees ride their bikes on sidewalks.
  • Prof. Anthony DeCurtis hit a high note with this great New York Times Art & Leisure cover piece chronicling the resurgence of Frankie Valli.