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Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) at the CUNY Graduate Center, led by Executive Director David Boxill, handles the human resources functions of the Newmark J-School.

These functions include overseeing job searches, sending offer letters, managing new-hire orientations, processing employee benefits, maintaining time and leave records, supervising mandated staff trainings, and overseeing reappointments, reclassifications, search waivers, HEO performance reviews, leaves of absence, separations, unemployment, and retirements.

For a complete list of OHR services, new-hire information, benefits summary, and employee resources, go to the GC’s Office of Human Resources website.

The OHR works closely with the human resources liaisons here at the J-School. The school’s HR team is made up of Assistant Dean for Administration Colleen Leigh, Director of Academic Operations Amy Dunkin, and Associate Director of Academic Operations Marie Desir.

Together, they help develop job descriptions, provide guidance to search committees, generate reappointment letters, handle payroll issues, manage onboarding of new employees, and communicate to the staff and faculty about HR-related issues, among other duties.

If you need assistance with any HR matters, please send an email to


The Graduate Center COVID-19 Emergency Modifications

Research Foundation Coronavirus Guidance

HR FAQs: Time off for COVID symptoms or illness; annual leave cap; adding family members to health insurance; help for personal issues; summer Fridays

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form for employees who are unable to work due to the effects of COVID-19

Resources for Working and Teaching Remotely and Online Learning


Timesheets (HEOs, Classified Staff, ECP, Campus Security, Hourly Employees)

CUNY Payroll Staff Frequently Asked Questions

Research Foundation Timesheet and Annual Leave Policies

Payroll Forms (Direct Deposit, State and Federal Withholding, Change Your Deductions)

Suspension of Commuter Benefit Paycheck Deductions

CUNY New Employee Resources


In an effort to better prepare for the hiring and arrival of new staff and faculty, it is essential that hiring managers, including Research Foundation (RF) grant managers, and search committee chairs communicate to the J-School’s HR liaisons (Amy Dunkin, Marie Desir, and Colleen Leigh) the minute you know you’ll be seeking to fill a position or reassigning an existing employee to a new job.

Once your HR liaisons are informed about your hiring plans, you will receive a two-part form to fill out. Part 1 gives us the general information we need to understand the position, including any equipment, technology, data access, and office needs that go along with it. Part 2 tells us about the person you have chosen to hire.

Hiring managers should also send Amy Dunkin a draft of all welcome letters for new employees before emailing the J-School community.

You also need to inform the HR liaison team as soon as you know that an employee has resigned or is leaving their job at the J-School for any reason. Once we receive that information, we will send you an exit checklist form for the person who’s leaving.

Currently, departing CUNY employees go to the Grad Center’s HR Office for an exit interview. However, we may be bringing that function inhouse. We’ll keep you posted.

Job Search Guidelines for CUNY-funded Positions

Personnel Order 2020-02: Deletion of Classified Title (Dated May 13, 2020)

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy

CUNY Charge of Discrimination Form


Reaffirmation of Commitment to Diversity/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

2020-2021 Affirmative Action Plan

2020-2021 Italian American Affirmative Action Plan

Newmark J-School Diversity Plan (2019-2023)


The J-School’s HEO Screening Committee is charged with reviewing various personnel actions, such as creation of new positions, reclassifications, reorganizations, reassignments, and salary step increases for HEO Series employees.

The committee is scheduled to meet the second Friday of every month and is made up of the following members:

Amy Dunkin, HEO, Director of Academic Operations, Committee Chair
Avril George-Robinson, HEO, Director of Budget and Finance
Colleen Leigh, ECP, Assistant Dean for Administration
Yahaira Castro, ECP, Asssistant Dean for Student Experience
Sahana Gupta, Chief Diversity Officer, Ex-Officio Member
David Boxill, Executive Director of Human Resources, Ex-Officio Member

Upcoming meeting dates: TBD

Contact Us

If you need assistance with any HR matters, please send an email to

Colleen Leigh
Assistant Dean for Administration

Amy Dunkin
Director of Academic Operations

Marie Desir
Associate Director of Academic Operations