Alumni Board


The mission of the Alumni Board of the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY is to support the mission of the school, encourage lifelong connections among alumni, connect and engage alumni in the life and financial health of the school, and advance the reputation of the school, its students and alumni.

The work of the board is primarily engagement, not policy-making, or governance. The Board divides into committees based upon what is perceived as the greatest need at the time.

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Alumni Board

Deonna Anderson
Deonna Anderson ’16

Editorial Director,
Next City

Fritzie Andrade
Fritzie Andrade ’08


Managing Editor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,

Erin Broadwin profile photo
Erin Brodwin ’13

Health-tech Reporter,

Kara Chin profile photo
Kara Chin ’16

Video Producer,

Katie Honan profile photo
Katie Honan ’10

Senior Reporter,

Ben Levinsohn's profile photo
Ben Levisohn ’07

Deputy Editor,

Mariya Moseley
Mariya Moseley ’16

Social Media Manager,

Walter Smith-Randolph's profile photo
Walter Smith Randolph ’10

Investigative Editor, Lead Reporter
Connecticut Public Broadcasting

Max Resnik
Max Resnik ’17

Vice Chair

Documenters Network Manager,
City Bureau

Simone Sebastian's profile photo
Simone Sebastian ’10

Editorial Director,
Capital B

Carlos Serrano
Carlos Serrano ’17

Multimedia Broadcast Journalist,
BBC News Mundo