Empowering journalists and media professionals in all phases of their career with next-level executive, professional, and entrepreneurial training, programs, and events.

We aim to support a new diverse generation of journalism professionals and leaders in transforming their organizations and making the media landscape more equitable. 

We offer immersive, small-group programs that train journalists to drive change. Our goal is to make the industry more sustainable by teaching journalists modern business and product skills, and more entrepreneurial by supporting media creators who are starting or growing their ventures. 

Our initiatives are aimed at newsroom managers, emerging leaders, media creators, and working journalists, with a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, and an audience-centric approach to product thinking.  

In addition to providing direct access to expert instructors, our programs use a cohort-based approach that encourages peer learning and collaboration. Courses are outcome-oriented, with curricula that are updated regularly and taught by industry leaders from around the world. These local and international cohorts help develop global networks for our students, where diversity, equity, and inclusion run deep. 

Our online and hybrid programs operate with state-of-the-art learning tools. They are designed for maximum accessibility, enhanced learning opportunities, and ongoing interactive engagement. 


Executive Education

Executive Program in News Innovation and Leadership

A select and diverse cohort of news media leaders come together in this year-long hybrid program to acquire the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to lead transformation in the news business. Classes cover strategy, business models, innovation management, finance for media managers, and product strategy, among other topics. Participants from the editorial, product, tech, and executive wings of media organizations across the globe will meet for weekly online classes and three week-long residencies in NYC. 

Learn more about the Executive Program in News Innovation and Leadership.

Emerging News Leadership Program

This 6-month online, tuition-free training program prepares a diverse group of rural and local media leaders to run sustainable news organizations by focusing on advanced digital skills, the business of journalism, management and leadership.

Learn more about the Emerging News Leadership Program

Lenfest Constellation News Leadership Initiative

This seven-month fellowship, in collaboration with the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, is a virtual leadership training that has been specifically designed for Philadelphia-area journalists of color pursuing senior roles in local newsrooms and media organizations. 

Learn more about Lenfest Constellation News Leadership Initiative.

Black Media Product Strategy

This 6-month, tuition-free, online program trains teams from Black-owned newsrooms to build product strategies for digital transformation and sustainability. Black media is a vital asset to the audiences they serve and a necessary part of the journalism ecosystem that can help improve the industry’s long-term prospects and introduce new ways of thinking about news.

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Entrepreneurial Programs

Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program

Journalism entrepreneurs embark on a 100-day online journey to develop a newsletter, podcast, local site, or other niche news product serving a community. Each cohort includes journalism creators from around the world —all building their own microventures. Guided by mentors, participants strengthen the skills and knowledge they need to grow their news products and craft business models for their independent projects. 

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Professional Development

AI Journalism Lab

The AI Journalism Lab is 3-month hybrid, tuition-free and highly participatory program developed with support from Microsoft. Journalists will explore generative AI in lecture classes with AI experts and hands-on sessions by seasoned practitioners. Participants will be expected to work on a final project on an AI-related topic of their choosing with help from a coach.

Learn more about the AI Journalism Lab.

News Product Management Certification

The News Product Management Certification (NPMC) is a rigorous virtual program designed for global mid- to senior-level news professionals who want to gain the product strategy, technical expertise, and change management skills necessary to lead news product development and innovation, in partnership with the News Product Alliance and News Catalyst, with support from the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund.

Learn more about the News Product Management Certification.

Product Immersion for Small Newsrooms

In this tuition-free, online training program, journalists from small newsrooms learn every phase of product development and management from product leaders around the world. The program is done in partnership with the Google News Initiative and News Product Alliance.

Learn more about Product Immersion for Small Newsrooms.


Custom Programs

We custom-build trainings for media organizations seeking cohort-based, immersive programs for their journalists or leadership team. Online, in-person, or hybrid, our programs focus on areas such as culture and management, product thinking, digital transformation, journalism innovation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Designed and taught by our global team of expert staff and instructors, the training is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

To request a custom training for your organization or for more information, please contact Marie Gilot, Executive Director, at marie.gilot@journalism.cuny.edu


J+ events showcase thought leaders and innovators around the business of news, product thinking for newsrooms, journalism leadership and other topics at the intersection of tech, money and editorial that spell out a sustainable future for the media industry.

About the Team

Led by a diverse team of industry experts, our full-time staff is committed to developing innovative programming that responds to trends in the media industry while also looking ahead to the challenges facing rising leaders in the field. Our staff is joined by an international team of instructors who bring experience from the most successful and visionary media organizations in the world. 

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