Product Immersion for Small Newsrooms


There will be three separate applications, one for each cohort. Please wait for the cohort that corresponds with the part of the world and time zones in which you live. The links to the applications will be posted on this page as they become live.

To be considered for the program, applicants must submit the online application, which includes several short responses about the applicant’s familiarity with and interest in product development and a letter of newsroom commitment from the applicant’s organization. 

Program Curriculum

What is Product?

Teams + Methods

Audience Research + Goal setting

Designing for Equity

Prototypes + Design

Measure + Manage


What’s Next


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Core Instructors

+ Many more speakers and coaches

Justin Ferrell

Head of Strategic Partnerships,

Ferrell will teach HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN BOOTCAMP: How to put people at the center of the design process to come up with new answers to difficult problems.

Kim Choe

Digital Product Manager

Choe will teach TEAMS + METHODS: Product culture, roles, and processes to work collaboratively and get things done.

Michael Grant

Menlo Park
Get Current Studio

Grant will teach AUDIENCE RESEARCH + GOAL SETTING: Audience listening, engagement, and research approaches to inform your product goals.

Feli Carrique

Buenos Aires
Executive Director
News Product Alliance

Carrique will teach DESIGNING FOR EQUITY: How can we adopt a more equitable approach to design?

Sebastián Auyanet

Associate Producer,

Auyanet will teach EXPERIMENTS + PROTOTYPES: Experimentation is in the DNA of product thinking methodologies.

Lucy Alexander

Head of Insight Analytics,
Financial Times

Alexander will teach MEASURE + MANAGE: Find the “North Star” metric that spells success for you.

Anita Zielina

New York/Vienna
Director of News Innovation and Leadership,

Zielina will teach How to overcome cultural resistance in your newsroom.

Styli Charalambous

Styli Charalambous

Publisher and CEO,
Daily Maverick

Charlambous will teach REVENUE: The revenue streams for media products have multiplied; which ones are right for you?

Andrew Losowsky

New York
Head of Community Product
Vox Media

Losowsky will teach WRAP UP: Long-term care and feeding of your products

Product immersion (2)


I started the program being a reporter. And now, we created a product area in my newsroom, and I was promoted to manage it. – Karoline Pinheiro, reporter, Emerge Mag (Brazil)

I started with so many doubts, about myself and the role, but now I know I am a Product Manager. I can bring people and processes together. – Devan Daniel, deputy editor, Echelon Media (Sri Lanka)

I was initially reluctant to use the word product because I used to associate it with marketing tricks, with something invented purposefully to make people buy more stuff that they don’t actually need. Time has proven I was wrong. This program convinced me that the product approach is both effective and constructive in running a digital newsroom and media platform. – Slawek Blich, deputy managing editor and CTO, Krytyka Polityczna (Czechia)

The course was so thoughtfully constructed – it broke what had felt like an overwhelming topic into something really approachable – and addressed my needs of being in a small newsroom in a way that was unexpectedly relevant. It was the opposite of generic. The presenters were fantastic, and I loved so much meeting my brilliant peers on the course – they brought so much knowledge, insight, and solidarity. – Lucas Batt, membership coordinator, The Bristol Cable (UK)

There have been key turning points in the journey of my media startup. This program is one of those key moments. Group learning with a diverse group of individuals using online tools enabled me to attend to the business side of my work while still attending class. Each topic flowed and touched on practical lessons for us all. –  Nigel Mugamu, founder, 263Chat (Zimbabwe)

The learning process was created in chunks, so it was easy for me to attend, access, and review during the programme. I was able to learn and talk with a wide range of industry participants. I benefited so much from their experience and suggestions. – Eudora Wang, reporter, DealStreetAsia (Hong Kong)

This ​course is dense and compact, and I don’t think there is any other program like this offered by any other academic institution – I have looked and did not find any. So it is a wonderful opportunity to be part of this. – Lady Ann Salem, co-founder and editor, Manila Today (Philippines)

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