Budget, Payroll, and Financial Accounting and Reporting

The Finance Office oversees the all-funds budget for the entire School including its centers and foundation. Below is a description of the various funding sources that make up the School’s all-funds budget. The school and foundation’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

  • Tax Levy Funds:  These are funds allocated to each department from the school’s operating budget. They consist primarily of state allocations, tuition, and other student-related fees such as application, library, equipment room, and transcript fees.  Tax levy funds are expended through CUNYfirst under state and CUNY procurement and accounts payable rules.
  • Student Technology Fee The student technology fees are paid by students per semester, are submitted to the state and placed in an Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) account.  Expenditures from these funds are approved by the School’s Technology & Library Committee (TLC) and are expended through CUNYfirst under State and CUNY procurement and accounts payable rules.  
  • ACE Funds: These are funds generated by the school’s Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) programs through its J+ Professional Development division. These funds are submitted to the State and placed in an Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) account and expended through CUNYfirst under State, City and CUNY procurement and accounts payable rules.
  • Non-Tax Levy Funds:  These are funds, other than the above, generated by the school. They include space rental fees, vending machine commissions, and student activity fees.  These funds help support the school’s operations as approved by the Dean and/or Associate Dean. Effective July 1, 2019, non-tax-levy-fund expenditures will be processed through CUNYfirst under state and CUNY rules with some flexibility for certain expenses.
  • Student Activity Fee: Student activity fees, are paid by students per semester, and expenditures from these funds are allocated by the Graduate Student Council.  This covers the cost associated with class projects and capstones, conferences, field trips, workshops and other events requested by students.
  • Capital Project Funds: Purchases using these funds must comply with procedures capital funds procedures of the state, city Directive 10 and 30, CUNY, and the school. All capital project requests require the Dean’s approval.
  • Grants and Other Foundation Funds:  Gifts and grants received by the Foundation are used to fund scholarships and internship stipends, as well as to support training, and programmatic activities in line with the school’s educational objectives.

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Avril George-Robinson
Director of Finance and Administration
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Kristin DaSilva
Finance Manager
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Amanda Tang
Revenue Specialist
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Finance Assistant
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