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Oct 13 – Oct 19, 2007

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
  • Two of our reporters scored solo bylines in the Times this week: Mathew Warren covered the funeral of a Queens soldier that combined elements of the young man’s Buddist background with U.S. military ceremony. And Carolyn Nardiello wrote about vintage car buffs on Long Island who are keeping the tradition of “cruise nights” alive.
  • David Chiu was a busy man, publishing two “Critic’s Picks” in New York magazine here and here as well as a short profile for the New York Resident of a Dylan- and Warholian-era figure who sounds like she came right out of the movie “Almost Famous”.
  • Annaliese Griffin wrote a great profile of eccentric “Bad Lieutenant” director Abel Ferrara for The Reeler.
  • Kate Pastor held NYCHA’s feet to the proverbial fire in a City Limits piece about how new flexibility in federal funding regulations may mean a hit for Section 8 rent subsidies.
  • Dan Rivoli wrote about a century-old great-grandmother who seems to have packed in about 200 years of living in this Daily News story. He also contributed to this fun political piece on which presidential candidates are shaping up as Halloween favorites.
  • Dorian Davis revealed how the city is clamping down on its controversial practice of allowing architects to self-certify building plans in this article for Architectural Record.
  • Danny Massey was there as the ousted principal of Brooklyn’s new Arab language school broke her silence and revealed she had reapplied for her job. He published the piece in Newsday.
  • Brigid Bergin covered the Asian Harvest Moon Festival in Flushing for the Daily News.
  • Andy Hawkins, writing for City Hall, was on the union beat this week: He chronicled the fight to start a union at the mayor’s media firm, Bloomberg LP, and described the cold war between the mayor and the PBA.
  • Annie Shreffler wrote about a community push to make sure that jobs generated by retail stores planned for the Kingsbridge Armory pay a living wage. Check out her lead piece in the Norwood News.
  • Matt Townsend and Barry Paddock helped fill the pages of The Villager this week. Matt wrote about community cries to restore the old LaGuardia Bath House and about how a stalled, partially completed construction project on the lower East Side has brought vermin and chased away business. Barry’s piece — about a lower East Side shop makes “designer” doughnuts, is guaranteed to bring out the Homer Simpson in you (well, at least in me).
  • In another story with Meet-the-Editors-night origins, Kathryn Lurie described merchants’ distress over how new, wider bike lanes on a stretch of Ninth Ave. are taking away parking spaces – and chasing away business. Check out her article in Chelsea Now.
  • Long story (not-so) short: Amanda Michel, who runs Off the Bus, a Huffington Post offshoot dedicated to using citizen journalists to help cover the presidential campaign, attended Prof. Jarvis’ conference and spoke with me (among others), about getting our reporters involved. An opportunity came up this past Saturday and Daniel Macht answered the call. The story he contributed to can be seen here. Here are the reports Dan and others filed. A story – about the story – made the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Here’s a birthday shoutout to Manny Jalonschi who is marking the release of the latest issue of Beyond Race magazine, where he serves as deputy editor. He also wrote profiles of Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron and Tommy Chong (Cheech’s old partner).