Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff

Check out these stories, from near and far:

•Nabil Rahman produced this video about refugees in Bangladesh for DRIKNews.

•Minty Grover, working for Capital New York, looked at medallion owners’ issues with the new taxi fee structure.

•Claudia Bracholdt produced this video as part of a fellowship that took her to Auschwitz.

•Kamana Shrestha’s story about video diaries documenting the lives of Indonesian child laborers made the Jakarta Globe.

•Joanna Fantozzi put together a Fourth of July service piece for the Daily News. Casey Quinlan profiled a Harlem booster. Alex Robinson reported on a Con Edison manager burned in an underground explosion. Joe Stepansky shared the byline on this article about a subway conductor sent to anger management classes. Vanesa Vennard reported on this year’s start of the summer PAL Play Streets program in the Bronx. Brenna Walton profiled a Staten Island woman who is part of the latest “Real World” cast.

•Peter Moskowitz contributed to Voices of NY’s report on “Parachute Children” – Korean youth sent alone to North America for educational opportunities.

•Julie Strickland, working for Brooklyn Based, reported on plans for a boathouse along the Greenpoint waterfront

•Anna Halkidis’ audio piece about the latest controversy surrounding the Civic Virtue statue in Queens made our News Service.

•Elbert Chu, working for The New York Times, reported on struggling public schools squeezed out of federal funding because of neighborhood income increases.

•Speaking of The Times, the latest on The Local includes this crime report by Kyle McGovern. In case you didn’t read the news: Gersh Kuntzman is joining the Daily News as deputy managing editor for news. Alum Mitch Trinka starts Monday as The Local’s collaborative editor.


Speaking of our alumni:

•Alissa Ambrose put together this post for TIME’s LightBox site featuring images from the Egyptian elections.

•Jordan Shakeshaft’s Q&A with Andrea Hudy, the strength and conditioning coach credited with transforming the men’s basketball program at the University of Kansas, was featured on

•Tanzina Vega’s story about how advertisers are tapping into the OWS spirit to sell hamburgers and other products made Page A1 of Sunday’s New York Times.


Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!