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Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check out some of our latest links – including Colin Archdeacon’s video for The Atlantic about a local astrologer.
Check out some of our latest links – including Colin Archdeacon’s video for The Atlantic about a local astrologer.

Our latest clips include this year’s first wave of internship-generated stories:

•Colin Archdeacon’s video about a local astrologer made The Atlantic.

•Kiratiana Freelon, on assignment for The Washington Post, produced a video out of Brazil that offers a beyond-the-stadium view of the World Cup.

•Jason Bisnoff found something brewing in the Bronx for the Daily News. Nick Forrester got fan reaction to Landon Donovan’s omission from the World Cup roster. Jenna O’Donnell interviewed a woman with a combined 126 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

•Rosie Goldensohn, working for DNAInfo, reported on a unionization battle at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital.

•Kayle Hope wrote about school sports budget cuts for the Mott Haven Herald. Jennifer Lehman chronicled a setback for tenants at a troubled Bronx building. María Villaseñor reported on accusations of dangerous conditions at a linens cleaning plant.

•Jacob Passy wrote about Maya Angelou’s memorial service for

•Oliver Morrison covered a speech by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan in Nashville for Chalkbeat’s Tennessee bureau.

•Roxanne Scott’s article about an after-school sailing program in the Bronx found a berth in Youth Today.

•Ben Brody wrote about the high price of Stanley Cup tickets for CNNMoney.

•Valentina Cordero, working for Crain’s NY, reported on cricket-filled protein bars and other new food products. Mark Fahey wrote about how the Rangers’ (now-dwindling) Stanley Cup hopes could be a boon to local bars.

•Ali Malito, working for Investment News, reported on how Wells Fargo signed three hotshot financial advisers. Minda Smiley wrote about how securities regulators in Massachusetts and Illinois are surveying investment advisers to gauge their cybersecurity readiness.

•Maddy Perkins, on assignment for On Wall Street, reported on regulatory fines levied against Barclays Capital,

•Steve Trader covered a Chris Christie news conference for

•Antonia Massa, on assignment for Money, wrote about how to guard against financial disaster during hurricane season.

•Kristen Clark profiled a Harlem textiles merchant for Voices of NY. Anne Lagamayo covered a dragon boat festival.

•The latest from The Nabe includes Emily Fields’ story about the slaying of a teenager.

•Shannon Ayala, on assignment for Curbed, wrote about community concerns over an office building planned for E. Houston Street.

•Jeanette Moses interviewed Coney Island photographer Aaron Rose for American Photo Mag.

•Erin Brodwin, on assignment for World Science Festival, wrote about the future of embeddable technology.

•Susie Armitage, in a piece for BuzzFeed, wrote about new struggles for the Ukranian LGBT community.

•Danielle Valente covered a romance writers panel for RT Book Reviews.

(Note: Starting with the next post, Class of ‘13 members will graduate to the Alumni Corner. Feel free to send me links, every so often, to stories of which you’re particularly proud.)

Speaking of our Alumni Corner:

•Amital Isaac, working for Today’s site, wrote about a study that found serious illness raises the risk of divorce for older married couples – but only if the wife gets sick.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!