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Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check some of our reporters' latest links – including Julius Motal's coverage of Istanbul's Pride parade for TimeOut Istanbul.
Check some of our reporters’ latest links – including Julius Motal’s coverage of Istanbul’s Pride parade for TimeOut Istanbul.

Here are some links worth celebrating as we approach the holiday weekend:

•Julius Motal covered Istanbul’s Pride parade for TimeOut Istanbul.

•Briana Duggan, working out of Nairobi, reported on a UN conference on environmental crime for eNews Channel Africa.

•Natalie Fertig was on the scene when a bar patron tumbled out a window while watching the World Cup. Check out her story and pictures for the Miami Herald.

•Danny Lewis, on assignment for WNYC, reported on how New Yorkers who bought insurance from the state health exchange could see big price hikes next year. His piece was broadcast on All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

•Mariana Marcaletti, in a piece for The Washington Post, wrote about world leaders who have donated salary or taken pay cuts.

•Jennifer Lehman covered a protest over layoffs at El Diario for Voices of NY. Roxanne Scott wrote about the local Garinagu community.

•Gotham Gazette picked up three stories from our News Service’s “NYC Street Signs” special report, including pieces by Allegra Abramo and Rebecca Bratek,  Jake Becker, and Chau Ngo and Emilie Pons.

•Cynthia Magnus wrote about some teen triathletes for Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene Press

•Ali Malito’s story about the creative expression inspired by the recently dismantled Kentile Floors sign made The Wall Street Journal.

•Kyle Ligman’s story for Climate Control about World Cup snacks crawls with crunchy suggestions.

•Nick Forrester interviewed U.S. goalie Tim Howard’s mom for this Daily News piece.

•Rosie Goldensohn’s got the lowdown on cheap tippers for DNAinfo.


A few nuggets from our Alumni Corner:

•Casey Cipriani, on assignment for IndieWire, got the story behind the movie about the man behind Big Bird.

•Kizzy Cox’s piece on soca dance fitness classes became the first video to be posted on Eyewitness News’ new website.

•Kathleen Culliton worked on this New York Post walk-up to the Rangel-Espaillat primary.

•Melissa Noel wrote about a production of “Ti Jean and His Brothers” for Voices of NY.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!