Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check out some of our latest links – including Natalie Fertig's Miami Herald video about the start of Florida's lobster season.
Check out some of our latest links – including Natalie Fertig’s Miami Herald video about the start of Florida’s lobster season.

For some, August means the dog days. For our reporters, every day means more dogged reporting. Check out some of our latest links:

•Malorie Marshall’s story about a push to ban smoking in New Orleans bars aired on WWNO radio.

•Emilia David’s article about the huge response to a lottery for apartments in an affordable housing complex for artists made DNAInfo.

•Natalie Fertig covered the first day of lobster mini-season for the Miami Herald. Check out her video here.

•Reem Nasr’s piece about preparing Detroit parolees for jobs as the city rebuilds aired on Michigan Radio.

•Laura Bult worked on this Daily News front-page package about how the NYPD disproportionately hits black and Latino New Yorkers with quality-of-life offense tickets. Nick Forrester interviewed soccer star David Villa of the new NYC FC. Jenna O’Donnell covered a wounded cop’s return home.

•Kyle Ligman’s New York Times Magazine blog post quiz – which asked readers to guess whether quotes were uttered by a philosopher, a politician or a beauty pageant contestant – got some great social media propulsion, including a Katie Couric tweet. Speaking of The Times… Jake Naughton’s photos from a Bronx church that welcomes gay and lesbian congregants were featured in a Lens blog post. Oresti Tsonopoulos worked on this video about summer styles.

•Julius Motal’s photos accompany this TimeOut Istanbul article about Turkish tea culture.

•Chau Ngo, working for Inter Press Agency, wrote about the impact of war on Iraqi children.

•Mariana Marcaletti wrote this Washington Post story about Spain’s new law requiring news aggregators such as Google News to pay publishers a fee.

•Chinwe Oniah covered this year’s Bronx LGBTQ Pride and Health Fair for the Mott Haven Herald.

•Elijah Stewart put together an annotated list of top Heisman Trophy candidates for CBS Philly.

•Jennifer Lehman, on assignment for Voices of NY, reported on new model of care for Hepatitis C patients.

•Thad Komorowski, in a piece for WBGO radio, reported on an exhibit celebrating animation great Chuck Jones.

•Cynthia Magnus, working for the Coeur d’Alene Press, interviewed U.S. Senate hopeful Nels Mitchell about education, veterans’ services and protecting public lands in Idaho.

•A nice example of J-School teamwork: Scott Klockson paired with alum Damian Ghigliotty on this Commercial Observer exclusive about a retail development planned for Harlem.

Speaking of our alumni…

•Althea Chang produced this CNBC video, which is part of a package about the battle to get children access to experimental cancer treatments.

•Mathilde Hamel reported on a new Alsatian restaurant in Brooklyn for Voices of NY. Melissa Noel covered an event celebrating young African innovators.

•Andrew Welch, working for On Wall Street, wrote about a boot camp that teaches the rich how to stay rich.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!