Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program Awards Funding To Texas Tribune

  • By Ellen Lai
U.S. Coast Guard

The award-winning Texas Tribune will receive $20,000 from the Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program to help support coverage of the fiscal costs of Hurricane Harvey as part of the Ravitch Program’s commitment to better fiscal reporting.

The Tribune, the non-profit news site based in Austin, will aggressively track the relief money, aid and the cost of rebuilding. It will monitor FEMA contracts and property buyouts. It will also assess the impact on property values, taxes and the state and city budgets.  Most of the money will be used to support a Tribune reporter stationed in Houston for the next four months and the rest will go to multi-media efforts, travel and related expenses. The Tribune is projected to produce at least six stories over the next four months.

This is the eighth reporting projected funded by the Ravitch Program