J-School Increases Stipend to Support Student Internships

  • By Newmark J-School Staff

A Message from Dean Sarah Bartlett

I am pleased to share the news that we are increasing to $4,000 the living stipend we give students whose summer internships are unpaid. For students who receive less than that amount from their employers, the school will make up the difference, up to $4,000. This change will begin with this summer’s internships.

Our requirement that students have a summer internship has always been one of the signature elements of the J-School. The living stipend was the brainchild of Steve Shepard, the founding dean, who wanted students to be on a level playing field when choosing their internships. Thanks to early support from the Sulzberger family and the Knight Foundation, Dean Shepard was able to institute a $3,000 stipend as a key benefit from the moment we opened our doors in 2006. For the last several years, it has been a goal of this administration to increase the stipend. Thanks to Craig Newmark’s 2018 gift to the school, we are finally able to make that goal a reality.

I realize that at this point, summer internships may feel like a distant prospect. Still, it’s important to keep ourselves focused on the future and in that light, I am thrilled that the Newmark J-School is in a position to offer this additional financial support.