New Student Site Features Stories on Climate

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Clark Adomaitis

Students in the Covering the Climate Crisis class, which debuted last fall, have produced a special report, Climate Correction: How to Cool a Warming Planet. Among their topics are carbon capture, inequities in NYC recreation opportunities, and Indigenous efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest.

The site, which recently went live on the Newmark J-School’s NYCity News Service, will continue to grow and aims to serve as a showcase for climate-oriented work from all Newmark J-School students — from every concentration and media platform.

The site was designed by multimedia coach Christine McKenna with a distinctive retro steampunk feel. John Mancini, writing and reporting program director, was the mastermind and top editor. Emily Laber-Warren, health and science reporting program director, served as story editor and student corraler.

The splash photos and opening video were created by Cheyenne Ligon, Anny Oberlink, Audrey Carleton, Clark Adomaitis, Richard Heaton, Aaron Tremper, and Syed Haq. The debut stories are from Anny Oberlink, Audrey Carleton, Aaron Tremper, Emily Nadal, Brenna Holland, Bruce Gil, Pablo Alvarez, Abe Levine, and Zack Smith.