The Art of Cinematography

Course Details

This five-week course will focus on the technical as well as aesthetic aspects of cinematography for non-fiction films. Students are expected to have advanced knowledge of video shooting either from craft 2 – Video or Video Storytelling for the Web. The class will build on the skills obtained in those classes. We will examine through screenings and readings different styles of cinematography in the documentary and web video world, from free-form handheld intimate to locked down traditional. We will example of great cinematographers use light, color and focal length to contribute to the visual language of a story. We will explore these techniques in several exercises. On the technical side, use Canon c100 cameras, but students will be exposed to soon-to-be industry standard 4K cameras. We will also use a variety of tools: including the Movi, the Osmo, Sliders and tilt shift lenses.

The Art of Cinematography Syllabus