Data Journalism

Advanced Reporting

Course Details

Students will be introduced to skills that are in high demand at major news organizations, including the Python coding language for data analysis. Journalists are using data skills to   uncover the truth buried in reams of spreadsheets so they can more effectively serve their communities and hold the powerful accountable. Today, fortunately, journalists have access to more data than ever before, as well as better tools to understand that data, expose the stories buried in the numbers, deal with troves of documents and combine these techniques with traditional serious reporting. In this 3-credit, semester-long course, students will learn nuts and bolts of data analysis and visualization to create insightful interactive narratives.

Requirement: Students in both the MA-Journalism and the MA-Engagement Journalism are required to publish at least one piece of work each semester in Craft 1 and Advanced Reporting courses (MAJ) and Reporting for Engagement J and Advanced Reporting for Engagement J (MA-EJ). Students can fulfill this requirement with work from any first or second-semester class.