Documentary Lab

Advanced Reporting

Course Details

The documentary form continues to expand, creating new and exciting opportunities for journalists. Our documentary specialization allows students to be at the forefront of this exciting field and to train them to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. This specialization track focuses on in-depth project-based documentary journalism, whether it be documentary features, series, video for the web or interactive documentaries. 

The six-credit-hour documentary seminar (the Lab section is 3 hours) will combine the rigor of journalistic research and reporting with an intense focus on building advanced documentary camera skills, story development and editing for structure. Students will learn about different styles and genres of documentary films by watching, writing about, and analyzing documentaries while they are developing their own documentary ideas. They will write proposals for their film projects then pitch them in front of industry professionals. 

Students produce at least two major videos which will move them forward in their story development towards their capstone project. 

The editing portion will focus on story structure and developing technical editing skills. All the lessons will be a combination of theory and hands-on instruction.

Admission requires consent of instructors. Apply Here:  This course must be taken in conjunction with the Documentary Seminar class above. Pre-req: Video fundamentals in the first semester.