Feature Writing

Advanced Reporting

Course Details

This course is designed to provide the tools, techniques and insights writers must acquire to find strong feature stories and write effective pitches. 

Students have considerable flexibility in choosing stories, including in forms such as travel, service, explanatory, reported essay, narrative, analytical and other finds of features.

You’ll learn how to organize articles within intent, improve your writing, self-edit efficiently and revise with specific purpose. 

Classes are heavy on workshopping, emphasizing lessons on the art of interviewing, compelling storytelling and the development of human-interest pieces. Assignments can include first person, expository writing and narrative. You’ll learn how to produce engaging work for specific audiences and develop your ability to pitch features to a range of publications. 

Students in this course will:

  • Utilize advanced interviewing techniques to produce the in-depth work required for publication-worthy feature writing and develop a diverse range of sources and topics
  • Respond to edits through successful rewrites/revisions
  • Build upon their data and research skills to bolster their reporting.
  • Experiment with social-media tools and community engagement techniques to connect with sources and groups
  • Spend a significant portion of the semester doing newsgathering in the field.
  • Become more adept at pitching as they develop greater understanding of publications’ needs and requirements

Requirement: MA-Journalism students are required to publish at least one piece of work each semester in Craft and Advanced Reporting courses. Students can fulfill this requirement with work from any first or second-semester class.