Science Journalism

Course Details

Science is wondrous, and the pursuit of knowledge is a calling. But science is also done by people, who have biases and flaws and work in a structure that can promote inequity.

The goal of the Science Journalism course is to level up our critical thinking skills and explore how personalities, misinformation, politics, and racial/gender bias can shape science.

We’ll hone producing on deadline — a critical skill in this digital age. We’ll challenge ourselves to become “instant experts” on complex topics. We’ll dissect the scientific process along with the motivation of sources and learn to responsibly report data that’s hasty or incomplete. We’ll also spot scientific misinformation and counter it. Students will create a science feature story and an explainer video. Along the way, we’ll dive into exciting fields and keep front and center the importance of diverse voices.

The course is taught by Alicia Chang, deputy health and science editor at The Associated Press and a contributing author to the upcoming book available in June, “A Tactical Guide to Science Journalism: Lesson From The Front Lines.”