Francis Vargas

  1. Director of Public Safety

Francis Vargas has almost 25 years of experience working for the CUNY Public Safety Department. She served as a lieutenant for CUNY Public Safety Headquarters at the Central Office, working with 25 campuses.

She was also a training specialist for the CUNY Public Safety Training Academy, providing training to all CUNY personnel and other NYC agencies.  In 2018, she served as interim chief of public safety at Medgar Evers College.

Francis has worked at Kingsborough Community College, where she was an administrative assistant and later began her career in Public Safety as an officer.  She returned to Kingsborough to help establish the Public Safety Community Affairs program at the campus, providing .workshops and safety presentations and participating in awareness campaigns.

Francis has represented CUNY at the NYC Emergency Management Emergency Operations Center during natural disasters.  Her career has remained focused on developing positive relationships and establishing rapport with the college she serves.  She is a passionate public safety professional known by the CUNY community for her resilient character, training expertise, and ability to deal with incidents of a sensitive nature.

Francis is a CUNY graduate who received a Bachelor of Arts in International Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, and a Certification in Criminal Investigations from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  She also received her Associate of Arts in Business of Administration from Borough of Manhattan Community College.  Francis believes learning is never ending and attends conferences to keep her skills sharp and stay up to date with changing times.

Francis Vargas’s pronouns are she, her, hers.