Admitted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

Follow the steps below to start your Fall 2023 enrollment:

Your letter of acceptance contains important information regarding the programs to which you have been admitted. After you review your letter of acceptance, please notify admissions of your enrollment decision (accept or decline offer) by clicking the online form located at the bottom of your acceptance letter.


Below are a number of housing options available to students:

The CUNY Graduate Center

The CUNY Graduate Center offers housing to students. For additional information on available apartments, visit the Graduate Center website for more information. You may also email the Graduate Center Housing Office with questions at or (212) 817-7605.

CUNY City College Towers

A number of rooms are reserved for our students at the CUNY City College Towers dormitory. For more information, please contact Chris Clarke via email at or (917) 507-0055.

International House

The International House is designed like a family home, albeit a large family, the historic building offers both private and shared space.  Residents enjoy many spaces to study, socialize, eat, dance, learn about fellow Residents, and get involved in community life.  The most rewarding experiences at International House occur in these shared spaces. Graduate students and young professionals from institutions across New York City reside in our affordable housing facilities. See inside International House with our virtual tour.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)

Educational Housing Services (EHS) manages several dormitory-style housing facilities in New York City. Full-time college students studying at a school in NYC, or a college student coming to NYC for an internship as part of their studies often choose to live in one of their residences. EHS has more than 25 years of experience offering safe, high-end dormitory-style housing in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. They offer housing on a semester-based system only.

Newmark J-School Housing Facebook Group

This Facebook group is open to the Newmark J-School community, including future, current and former CUNY students. Post here if you are searching for an apartment, need to sublet or rent out your apartment.

Newmark J-School Facebook Group

Join the Newmark J-School Facebook group! This is a great way to meet other members of the Newmark J-School community.  This group is exclusively open to the Class of 2024.

Class of 2024 Facebook Group