Invoking Thomas Jefferson, Helicopters Crash Above the Hudson and Rats Find Refuge

  • By CUNY J-School Staff

Many of the internships are wrapping up, but the stories keep coming. Here are some the latest pieces by our reporters:

  • Joel Schectman wrote a story for BusinessWeek about rejected iPhone apps.
  • Kate Zhao’s piece about the coming “smart-grid” world, where appliances like dishwashers will automatically run in off-peak electric-use hours, made The Wall Street Journal.
  • Karina Ioffee wrote an article for the AP about an African-born farmer running for office in Russia, where folks call him “the Russian Obama.”
  • Michael Preston invokes Thomas Jefferson in this True/Slant post about the healthcare debate.
  • Alana Rigal put together a story and slideshow for WNYC about the Waterpod Project, an experimental water-based community.
  • Kieran Meadows and Mike Reicher combined efforts on this story about the latest stink over the Gowanus Canal. You’ll find their article in 219 Magazine.
  • Kate Nocera contributed to the Daily News’ coverage of Saturday’s fatal plane-helicopter collision over the Hudson.
  • Mark Morales contributed to NBC Local Integrated Media’s story about the crash. Meanwhile, Emily Feldman wrote about Starbuck’s efforts to speed up service.
  • Damiano Beltrami wrote about injured Iraqi children awaiting surgery in Jordan. You’ll find his story in The Jordan Times.
  • Jim Flood reports for The Local that rats are finding refuge around an abandoned Fort Greene church.
  • Xiomara Martinez-White wrote a story for about former “American Idol” rocker Constantine Maroulis.
  • Jessica Simeone covered Friday’s Lower Manhattan water main break for the New York Post.
  • Ben Fractenberg put together a very sweet story and audio slideshow for Haaretz about his grandparents’ courtship.
  • This story isn’t by one of our reporters, but it is about one: Elan magazine profiled Rima Abdelkader.

Clips of the Week is going to take a week or two off. Congrats to all on a great summer – and keep those links coming.