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Clips of the Week

  • By Newmark J-School Staff
Check out our latest links – including Oresti Tsonopoulos' New York Times video about John Legend’s approach to fashion.
Check out our latest links – including Oresti Tsonopoulos’ New York Times video about John Legend’s approach to fashion.

It’s been a very productive first couple weeks of the semester, even with the holidays. Check out some of the latest links from our reporters, past and present:

•Oresti Tsonopoulos worked on this New York Times video about John Legend’s approach to fashion.

•Kathleen Culliton produced this Al Jazeera video about the drum circle scene in Washington.

•Melanie Bencosme profiled Abu Taher, editor of Bangla Patrika, for Voices of NY. Pamela Granda covered a history-making vote in Brooklyn.

•Speaking of the primary… Alex Wolf and Sierra Leone Starks examined the connection between Long Island College Hospital’s fate and the primary for our News Service. Aine Pennello and Jonathan Moffie interviewed torn voters in Brooklyn. Orie Givens and Brianne Barry went to Fort Greene for a Primary Day piece.

•Julia Alsop, Parker Brown, Graham Corrigan, Kiratiara Freelon, Rebecca Harris, Rachel Levy, Brianna McGurran, Oliver Morrison, Hakeem Muhammed, Jake Naughton, Kayle Schnell, Roxanne Scott, Oresti Tsonopoulos and Maria Villasenor contributed to Bronx Bureau’s primary package.

•Steve Trader covered a City Council contest for the Mott Haven Herald.

•Melanie Bencosme, Yen Cheng Chen, Juliette Dekeyser, Briana Duggan, Mark Fahey, Leila Falls, Kyle Ligman, Sandra Lopez-Monsalve, Antonia Massa, Alessandra Malito, Reem Nasr, Chinwe Oniah, Leila Roos, Melisa Stumpf and Benjamin Tenerella-Brody contributed to The Nabe’s primary coverage. Other recent Nabe stories include pieces by, among others, Jason Bisnoff, Emily Field, Philippe Theise and Amanda Woods.

•Craig Giammona reported for Fortune on Lenovo’s marketing deal with the NFL.

•Sierra Leone Starks, working for The Atlantan, covered a luncheon for Usher’s New Look Foundation.

•Jessica Scanlon, in an article for Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, wrote about a push to collect more data on LGBTQ youth in juvenile detention facilities.


Some offerings from our Alumni Corner:

•Carla Astudillo, working for Voices of NY, chronicled Christine Quinn’s efforts to woo Latino voters.

•Lakshmi Gandhi delved into the origins of the term “Indian giver” for NPR’s Code Switch blog.

•Sarah Kazadi profiled college football’s Kouandjio Brothers for CBS Sports.

•Zach Kussin, working for Luxury Listings NYC,  wrote about how real estate broker Ryan Serhant, of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York,” still rents.

•Casey Quinlan reported on the struggles of rural women for The Atlantic.

•Rachel Sapin, reporting for The Denver Post, wrote about the growing number of people in their 20s and 30s eschewing credit cards.

•Amy Stretten weighed in on Fashion Week for Fusion, the new ABC/Univision partnership.

Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!